Bizarre Animals That Really Exist

No Photoshop involved.

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Bizarre Animals That Really Exist

The natural world is much more varied than we can ever imagine. New species of animals are being discovered on a daily basis and some are really stranger than fiction. You can be assured that these animals we've listed below are as real as they come. However, you can also picture them being in a fantasy movie of some sort.


1. Albino Alligator

Meet Pearl, an albino alligator living in a Florida theme park

2. Peacock Mantis Shrimps

Their large eyes help them hunt

3. The Blobfish

They're found very deep in the ocean

4. Piglet squids

Not quite a squid, not yet a piglet, but very cheerful

5. Bergamasco Shepherd

It's supposed to be a dog, but boy does it need a haircut

6. Frilled Sharks

These rare sharks look like something from your nightmare

7. Glaucus Atlanticus

They're actually sea slugs, but they look so beautiful

8. Pyura chilensis

They look like rocks, but when you cut them up, you'll see their organs 





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