Blade Runner Sequel Movie Has a Mobile Game in the Works

The Blade Runner 2049 mobile game will be by NextGames.

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Blade Runner Sequel Movie Has a Mobile Game in the Works

In 1982, one of the better science fiction films hit the cinemas and it was called Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. Now apparently, there's going to be a sequel to this movie called Blade Runner 2049 and Harrison Ford is apparently reprising his role. Ryan Gosling is also on board, and a mobile game based on the movie has just been announced.

via VentureBeat

Alcon Entertainment is partnering with NextGames, the Finnish game developer to make the Blade Runner mobile game but thus far, no title or release date has been announced. The reveal came at the recent E3 and was made by Teemu Huuhtanen.

He released several statements stating NextGame's commitment in keeping the game authentic yet keeping it engaging for players and fans of the old movie, as well as fans of the upcoming one. Blade Runner 2049 is set for release on October 6th. 

Cover image via Variety

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