Blizzard Gives A Clue That They're Working On a New Game

It's going to be on mobile.

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Blizzard Gives A Clue That They're Working On a New Game

Everyone knows Blizzard as the household name in strategy games. Their games are often phenomenally successful and include world renowned titles like the Diablo series, Warcraft and its spin-offs, and one of the most popular games of 2016, Overwatch.

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They've recently published a job opening on their website calling for a software engineer with a 'Passion for playing and making games- especially mobile games'. This has lead to plenty of speculation as to whether Blizzard is bringing one of their PC games to the mobile platform, or developing something completely new.

The recent news is that some of their top key employees have been removed from their usual projects into several unnamed ones. There is speculation that both Overwatch and Diablo or an off-shoot of these two series may be brought to the mobile platform.

Blizzard fans had better start being excited, as it now appears that they will soon get a new mobile game, which is hopefully just as engaging as previous Blizzard titles.

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