Blizzard Working on New Mobile Game and Has New Job Openings

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Blizzard Working on New Mobile Game and Has New Job Openings

Blizzard has yet again given us clues that they're working on a brand new mobile game. Their last offering for the mobile platform was Hearthstone, a card based strategy game. This time they're looking for a Senior Client Engineer for a new project that's still unannounced. 

The career posting does mention that it's an MMO RTS  ( massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) game and made using the Unity platform. The position appears to be quite senior, and requires someone who's pretty well versed in making RTS games, as well as knowing the C# programming language.

via Blizzard Careers

A quick look through their career page also reveals that there are several more positions open for this 'Unannounced Project' including for character artists, FX artists, lead software engineers for graphics/engine and lead software engineer for tools.

If any of these positions fit your skills, head on over to Blizzard's official website and apply so that you can help bring these mobile games to life.

Cover image via Diablo Wiki

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