Board Game 'Ticket to Ride' Made into Mobile Version

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is great for the whole family.

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Board Game 'Ticket to Ride' Made into Mobile Version

Days of Wonder Boardgames' Ticket to Ride is a railway empire building board game that has sold millions of units all over the world.

Now it has been released as a mobile game for both iOS and Android with very much the same gameplay mechanics, but translated to a digital platform.

Players can choose to play in solo mode against three other A.I or with three other player (or bots) in a pass-and-play mode. The gameplay involves the players collecting train cards and claiming train routes to connect one city with another. Players can play both the American and European maps too.

This mobile version has a simplified version for younger players so that the whole family can play together.

Cover image via Droid Gamers


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