Bomber Heroes: Review - A 3D Bomberman-like Game

Score: 5/10 

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Bomber Heroes: Review - A 3D Bomberman-like Game

Score: 5/10


  • Detailed character models
  • Grid based maps and environments in 3d.
  • Characters have special abilities.
  • Alternate skin for your heroes


  • Poorly optimized, lags on both phone and emulator
  • Gacha loot boxes
  • Unable to throw or kick bombs

Bomber Heroes takes the classic Bomberman formula and applies Clash Royale card mechanics into it. With each hero having their own unique active skill, such as flight, invisibility and immunity, it is arguable that the game is pay to win. Cards have their own levels, and leveling up a card increases the movement speed and health of that hero, or increases an active or passive ability attributes.

PvE features the player battling to destroy all monsters on the screen, while PvP features either a 1 vs 1, or a 1 vs N free for all. The gameplay is fine, but sadly, there are some graphical lag issues and controls feel a little dull, taking half a second before registering.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Free

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