Boston Dynamics Introduces a Pretty Scary Robot

The internet is freaking out.

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Boston Dynamics Introduces a Pretty Scary Robot

Google's robotic company Boston Dynamics recently unveiled a robot that they've been working on to a roomful of potential investors. Little did they know that footage of the robot would soon be leaked on the internet, sending everyone into a tizzy.

The reason everyone's so riled up is simple. The robot appears so lifelike, and almost human, that people are beginning to call it the 'nightmare robot'. The main cause of fear is of course the belief that artificial intelligence will soon take over human civilization.

Watch how the robot moves here:

The robot, called 'Handle' is built to have an advanced stabilization mechanism, just like how we humans can balance ourselves. Eventually, the robot is supposed to be able to perform repetitive tasks at a rate much faster and more efficient than humans ever can.

It is eventually believed that the robot is capable of replacing humans in many jobs, especially those that involve repetitive manual labour. 


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