Bring Out Your Inner Interior Designer with 'Design Home'

Create your own unique space and get rated by other players.

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Bring Out Your Inner Interior Designer with 'Design Home'

Design Home lets you become a professional interior designer in the virtual world. The gameplay is simple and very easy to learn. Upon signing up, you'll be given your first challenge which is also a tutorial. The game design also means that you'll figure things out pretty easily. 

The game comes from Canadian gaming company Crowdstar, and you'll be able to find it free on both Android and iOS with the option of in-game purchases. The game generates income by allowing furniture brands to offer their products within the game, so you'll be designing spaces using products that really exist in the real world. 

Once you get past the practice stage, you'll be allowed to take up design challenges which usually involve gaining prizes, cash and diamonds. Prizes are in the form of new furniture or decorative items, while diamonds allow you to purchase certain premium  products and take on more challenges. The virtual cash you have also allows you to buy more furniture.

The things you own can be used for a limited number of designs, so you'll always need to buy new items for your use. Once you complete a design challenge, it will be put up for other players to rate and vote, and you'll know your results in a day or two. 

If your design is highly rated, you'll gain either a new product, or more cash and diamonds. The game is a great stress reliever. You'll feel a great sense of achievement when one of your designs gets voted by other players, all of whom are also trying to get to the top of the leader board.

Cover image via Venture Beat

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