Buildings That Look Like Delicious Food

Good enough to eat.

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Buildings That Look Like Delicious Food

Mankind has made quite a progress in terms of architecture. Even in ages past, humans have shocked and awed each other by putting up seemingly impossible building feats. Think the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and more. If you look around today, you'll also find many impressive buildings.

However, nothing is more satisfying than going around town and seeing buildings that look like your favourite foods. These types of architecture will brighten up anyone's day:

1. A huge orange in Canada that really sells oranges


2. Now all we need is a building that looks like a burger beside it

3. Cluck, cluck your way to finger licking goodness

4. This brings a whole new meaning to supersizing your happy meal

5. Whoa, looks like this place is overflowing in beer

6. That's one big fish

7. Coffee would definitely taste better in here



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