Capcom Introduces 'Puzzle Fighter' for Mobile

Pit famous Capcom characters against each other in a gem matching game.

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Capcom Introduces 'Puzzle Fighter' for Mobile

In a twist to the usual fighter games, a new Capcom game allows you to fight the computer or other players via a fast paced matching game. Puzzle Fighter also allows players to collect characters from across the Capcom universe including Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Final Fight, Dark Rising and much more.

The characters mostly get an adorable makeover in the game and players have to pick one main character and two back-ups based on their abilities. The game will reward individual players that ace their matching puzzle fights.

Characters can be collected and players can move from one battle arena to another along a given map. Players will have their names on international lederboards when they're the top scorers and can keep track of how other players are performing too.

The game will be soft launched in certain unannounced regions first before being globally released in late 2017. The good news is, the game will be available for free.

Cover image via Twinfinte

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