Card Thief Mini Review: Single Player Card Game

Go deep under a house, via secret passageways and become a master thief.

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Card Thief Mini Review: Single Player Card Game

Score: 7/10


  • Animated art
  • Simple and forgiving gameplay
  • Challenging high scores
  • Fitting background music with ambient soundtrack (use headphones)
  • Unlocks more items with progress
  • Creative presentation
  • 4 different decks to go through
  • Tap and hold to learn UI
  • Is free


  • Repetitive
  • Progress takes a while




Card thief starts you off by teaching you everything about the game. It's a little long, but worthwhile to do as you will know how to play the rest of the game when you have finished it. The gameplay is simple. You must conserve your thief strength so that you can open the treasure chest, and escape. You can not steal the chest if your strength is lower than the chest strength, so conservation is important.

Check out some of the art and animations below.



The four stages, as well as the number of tokens you have to obtain to unlock the next stage.

The guard goes alert as he notices you picked a path that crosses his line of sight.

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