Cartoon Network Releases Gumball: Wrecker's Revenge

Hop your way through moving islands.

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Cartoon Network Releases Gumball: Wrecker's Revenge

Cartoon Network's favourite blue cat-like character Gumball is now getting a mobile game of his own in Wrecker's Revenge, a mobile puzzle game that's coming straight from Cartoon Network.

In the game, based on the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball, players will play the titular character Gumball who has to save his friends and family that have been kidnapped by the evil Doctor Wrecker.

Players will have to move Gumball from one island platform to the next while trying to avoid obstacles. There will be items along the way which you can pick up and power up with, including giant gummy heads and hairspray rockets.

Here's you chance to help Gumball save all the missing inhabitants of Elmore. Wrecker's Revenge is free to download for both Apple gadgets and Android powered ones.

Cover image via Android Authority

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