'Champions and Challengers: Adventure Time' is a New Treat for Fans

A tactical battle and RPG game.

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'Champions and Challengers: Adventure Time' is a New Treat for Fans

Cartoon Network has collaborated with YesGnome to release a free mobile game based on the very successful cartoon Adventure Time. It has garnered fans of all ages, including a large adult viewership. Adventure Time follows the exploits of Finn and his adopted brother Jake in the post apocalyptic world of Ooo as they encounter baddies and make friends.

In the game, the Dice Lord has kidnapped all the inhabitants of Ooo and you'll have to get them back by collecting them as character cards. In the game, once you've collected the characters, you can upgrade them to fight against the forces of the Dice Lord.

There are over 70 characters to collect, including Finn and Jake themselves, along with Princess Bubblegum, Cake, Fionna, BMO and many more.

You'll be able to develop your own ultimate fighting team, battle against other players in real time and take advantage of the tokens, hero cards, tricks and artifacts you find.

This casual RPG is now available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play for absolutely free and the game has promised many hours of fun and entertainment.

Cover image via Mob.org

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