Chartboost Reveals That Women Make Up the Majority of Mobile Gamers

About 62% of all mobile gamers are women.

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Chartboost Reveals That Women Make Up the Majority of Mobile Gamers

Mobile game analysts Chartboost has recently revealed that up to 62% of all the mobile game market consumers were women. The study was conducted in collaboration with Newzoo and TapFwd which covered more than 64 million mobile devices throughout the United States.

Interestingly, among women, those aged 24 to 30 made up the largest group, while among both men and women, those aged 35 to 44 made up the largest number of players, which was 27.33%. In an interesting twist, it also found that high income earners who had an annual income of over USD 50,000 per year made up 60% of players.

They also found that games like Candy Crush, Draw Something and PokemonGo had better daily peak active users than leading American TV channels during prime time, including CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. These revelations will really change the way mobile games are marketed and how they provide a more viable commercial platform as opposed to more traditional forms of entertainment.

via Business Insider

For the time being, game developers and publishers have to keep in mind the demographics of most mobile game players, including their age and earnings to come up with winning formulas.

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