Check Out These Amazing Mobile Games With The Best Soundtracks

Games with soundtracks that will enthrall you.

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Check Out These Amazing Mobile Games With The Best Soundtracks

Games rely on their soundtracks quite a bit, in order to create the right moods and emotions in players. A good soundtrack can really enhance a gaming experience, and transport you to a completely different world. If you love music and gaming, then you've got to check out these four games:

1) Monument Valley

Optical illusions are the theme of Monument Valley, where you explore buildings to find new paths to the next destination, while being serenaded by an outstanding electronic soundtrack that's also relaxing.


2) Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure

Retro gaming comes to life in Space Age, and the soundtrack completely enforces this as you explore a new planet and encounter various adventures.


3) Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP

A fantasy story line is incomplete with a great soundtrack to go with it, and here you'll find the sweeping music of Jim Guthrie, who uses both acoustics and electronics to achieve a soundtrack that's unique to this game.



4) Thomas Was Alone

This indie game has garnered a cult following due in part to its awesome music. It may look deceptively simple, as all you do is control polygonal artificial intelligence characters, but it's an immersive experience nonetheless.


Cover image is from Monument Valley, via Niubie

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