Children's Augmented Reality Game 'Pororo Friends' Launches in Korea

A game similar to Pokemon Go.

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Children's Augmented Reality Game 'Pororo Friends' Launches in Korea

Since the unbridled success of Pokemon Go last year, mobile gaming companies all over the world have been racing against time to develop their own augmented reality games that will capture the hearts and minds of players. 

In Korea, SocialNetwork Co., a local startup specializing in AR technology has been the first in the region to release an AR mobile game specifically targeted at children. It's based on the popular Korean children's cartoon character called Pororo the little penguin and his sidekicks. 

SocialNetwork Co has been working with Pororo cartoon producers Inconix Entertainment to produce this game for players aged ten and below. Children will be able to capture cute and interesting creatures that appear around their house, just like how older players use the AR technology to capture Pokemons around town.

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There are several significant differences however, since this is primarily a children's game. For one, the GPS technology is programmed not to function outside the house unless parents enable it. This means that kids won't be able to play it outside their homes unless special parental access is provided through the game.

Included in the VR game is a segment that teaches children how to perform everyday tasks like brushing their teeth and cleaning up after themselves. To be fair this is not the first Pororo based educational game to be released, but it is the first one featuring the use of augmented reality.

Pororo Friends is now available only in Korea on Google Play.


Cover image via Business Korea

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