Clash Royale Introduces New Game Modes in 'Epic Quest' Update

New game modes, new quests, and tons of improvements.

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Clash Royale Introduces New Game Modes in 'Epic Quest' Update

Supercell's grand tower rush game 'Clash Royale' is keeping the game exciting and fun for new and old players alike by regularly introducing new updates and events. This time, they've introduced a whole new slew of upgrades called 'Epic Quest'.

The main feature of this particular update is the introduction of a new gameplay mode called Touchdown where teams of two characters go head to head with each other and try to get their troops into their opponent's endzone to win. This game mode does away with the conventional tower and two lane strategy that was previously there.

In addition to that, there will be new daily and weekly quests with Super Magical and Legendary chests as awards. 

via Uptodown

There will also be a game mode called 'Mirror Battles' where your opponent will get the exact same deck of cards you have. Players can now copy decks from outside the game, and can collect an epic card from the Shop every Sunday.

You can see the list of updates here at Clash Royale's blog.


Cover image via Clash Royale Blog

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