Company Behind 'Angry Birds' To Release New Game Called 'Battle Bay'

A multiplayer battle game.

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Company Behind 'Angry Birds' To Release New Game Called 'Battle Bay'

Rovio Games are best known for the hit mobile game Angry Birds, which became a huge phenomenon worldwide, and is one of the more successful gaming franchises in recent history. They have announced their plan to release a real time battle game called Battle Bay. 

The premise of the game is simple. Gather a team and square off with real life players who will be playing on the opposing side. Your chosen vehicles are ships, to which you can add various types of guns. The ships are divided into several classes and they each have their own specialization. 

Once you and your team settled your ships, it's time to unleash them on the enemy and battle it out on the high seas. So basically, it's a game of strategy and choosing the correct ships, weapons and abilities to ensure that you stay afloat and your enemies sink.

Players will be able to play in teams of five, and also be able to team up with other players online to form guilds, almost like an MMORPG. Battle Bay is slated for worldwide release on Google Play and the App Store on May 4th 2017, and is free for download.


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