Company Behind Award Winning Game 'Journey' Releases New Title 'Sky'

There's also a teaser trailer out for 'Sky'.

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Company Behind Award Winning Game 'Journey' Releases New Title 'Sky'

Thatgamecompany is the name behind the very successful adventure title, Journey. Now they've just announced their next game called 'Sky' which is another social experience adventure. They've just released a teaser trailer of the game at the recent iPhone X press conference, and it looks outstanding:

In this game, you control a colorful cloaked figure that has to travel the world collecting light while flying through the sky. So far its only available for iPad, iPhones and Apple TV. The game can support up to 8 multiplayer scenarios at one go, and will have many of the light social interactions found in 'Journey'.

Previous games of thatgamecompany were designed for non-mobile platforms like Playstation and this is the first time one of their games has been released for mobile. Additionally, the game is family friendly and is suitable for players of all ages. 

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There are rumors stating that 'Sky' will probably be released for more platforms apart from Apple phones.

Cover image via thatgamecompany

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