Complete Strangers Who Look Like Each Other

They've met their doppelgangers by chance.


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Complete Strangers Who Look Like Each Other


In fiction and folklore, a doppelganger is a mysterious creature that looks lie you. They're often portrayed as magical or paranormal. However, it is possible in this modern scientific world to find two unrelated people who look alike.

So, what are the chances of meeting a complete stranger out there that looks like your twin? Although most of us haven't actually met someone who actually looks exactly like us, some of the following people have. What makes it even more amazing is that they met each other completely by chance.

1. Neil Douglas and Robert Stirling met each other while sharing a Ryanair flight.

2. This man and his employee look so alike, it's uncanny

3. Ciara Murphy from Ireland met her 'twin' from another mother, Cordelia Roberts, while studying in Breman, Germany

4. This little fella is called John III, and he looks just like Prince George, grandson of Queen Elizabeth

5. Jennifer and Ambra found each other after joining a Doppelganger finder website

6. These guys found each other while shopping at IKEA

7. They found each other at a party. The resemblance is definitely in the hair and cheekbones.



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