Corgis With the Most Adorable Expressions

They'll cheer you up in no time.

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Corgis With the Most Adorable Expressions

Corgis are a breed of dogs that originated in Wales, and are commonly known as Welsh Pembroke Corgis. They were often used to herd dogs in the past, but were so cute, that they became a popular pet breed. One popular fan of Corgis is the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

One look at a corgi's butt can really improve anyone's mood, and if you're down, these happy corgis will definitely lift your spirits.

1. This corgi isn't too amused by his new tail cut

2. Baby corgi loves the outdoors

3. This corgi really enjoyed his walk

4. This corgi isn't quite sure where he is

5. Clueless Corgi doesn't realize what he's done

6. Smiley Corgi at his favourite spot

7. This Corgi loves chillin' in the sun

8. Corgis love to read and be intellectual too


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