Could 'Fireworks' be The Next 'Your Name'?

An animated remake of Shunji Iwai's live action drama.

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Could 'Fireworks' be The Next 'Your Name'?

This seems to be the season for anime romance movies starting with Makoto Shinkai's Your Name to Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice). Now Shaft has released a full length anime called 'Fireworks: Should We See it From the Side or the Bottom?'.

The film has so far been released in Japan and Hong Kong, with more releases planned for the end of November 2017 in the US and other Asian countries. 

The movie tells the story of Norimichi, who gets stuck in a day that keeps repeating itself and where he gets to make different choices each time. The crux of his day centers around the Nazuna, his crush who asks him to run away with her.

So should we watch it when if and when it opens in our countries? Well the Japanese themselves haven't been warming to'Fireworks' like they did 'Your Name'. Movie ticket sales have been fair to moderate for this feature length film. Online reviews seem mixed, with most saying it's just so so and some even calling it 'exhausting' to watch. The movie trailer doesn't seem to give us anything out of the ordinary.

Maybe if you love school romances, this is worth a go. Otherwise save your cash for something a bit more Makoto Shinkai or experimental in nature.

Cover image via Otaku USA 

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