Covet Fashion: The Game Where You Can Play and Shop Too

Design your own looks for the season.

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Covet Fashion: The Game Where You Can Play and Shop Too

If you've never heard of Covet Fashion, now is your chance to download this free to play mobile game that allows you to design you own outfit. The game is the brainchild of Glu Mobile and allows you to access designs from leading fashion brands around the world.

You start the game by choosing your avatar, and then combining available outfits in the game with accessories to create your own look. You then submit it for ratings in the Covet community, who will usually rate it. 

If you and others love a look, you can purchase all of your clothing items in-game and you'll soon receive them in real life.

The game has recently partnered with new brands such as Botkier and Sunday Somewhere to come up with the Summer Wanderlust series, which is light and playful, and perfect for warmer weather. The game's developers have stated that they want to transform the perception that grown women don't play mobile games, as well as providing women of all ethnicities a chance to see themselves included in the fashion gaming industry.

The game itself is divided in challenges, for example. styling a red carpet look with a red dress. Once you complete a challenge and submit, you'll be rated by other players, and then you can win prizes which include new accessories for your wardrobe.

You'll also be asked to earn virtual money and tickets, which you can use to purchase more outfits for your virtual wardrobe, as well as take on more challenges.

The only downside to this is perhaps the lack of variety when it comes to sizes, and the avatars look like models more than real women. However, it is definitely fun and reminds one of the days when we got to dress up our barbie dolls and cutout 2D paper dolls with 2D outfits.

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