Create A Crème Brûlée Without An Oven or A Torch

Turns out equally delicious.

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Create A Crème Brûlée Without An Oven or A Torch

Creme Brulee is a popular and easy French dessert made from milk, sugar and eggs, and has a pudding like consistency. Traditionally, creme brulee is made with an oven and a blow torch. However, many people don't have either one of these things in their kitchen.

First let's see how creme brulee is usually made, with an oven and a blowtorch.

Many of us don't have ovens at home, and kitchen blowtorches are even rarer. The blowtorch step is really important, as it creates the crusted burnt sugar that gives creme brulee its signature crunchy texture needed to balance out the soft and squishy texture of the pudding beneath.

For those of us that don't have either an oven or blowtorch, making creme brulee is still possible. Just watch how here:

You can also use a metallic measuring cup instead of a spoon to heat the granulated sugar, but be very careful and always wrap a towel around the end of the spoon or measuring cup.

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