Crusader Quest Mini Review

A simple and charming game.

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Crusader Quest Mini Review

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Score: 8.5/10 


  • Tons of progression to be had.
  • Simplistic gameplay with easy to use additional mechanics.
  • Voiced actors and nicely translated story
  • Full customization over hero skills and equipment for strategizing
  • End game progression in champions.
  • Character portraits are great.
  • Game is filled with fun and doesn't take itself to seriously in theme & story.


  • Watch ads to do gacha or for exp items.
  • BGM is alright.
  • Able to use friend hero to replace your own.


  • Bit graphics is done alright.... but it could be better

Crusader Quest is a game about heroes saving the world, done by players via matching damage blocks together. It's short, enjoyable, and has charm.

It's a game that relies on selling you these three features, discovery, story and character. For a mobile game, this is actually all you need, and Crusader Quest does this well.


Ads exist in the game, but they only appear when you want to gain an advantage in the game. It is perfectly fine to play without obtaining these benefits, but as per usual, a sped up progress helps everyone out.

Since there aren't any indication that ads could watched in order to gain benefits, this system came as a pleasant surprise. 

Battle system in progress

A busy town

Custom hero skills

Daily and weekly quests to complete


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