Meet The Cutest Sea Otter Baby Ever

Marine mammal.


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Meet The Cutest Sea Otter Baby Ever


Otters are marine mammals that are really adorable, but they're also wild animals that can't be kept as pets. There are even cuter creatures than otters, and that's an otter baby. Small and helpless, they often stick to their moms, sleeping on them while floating in the water.

Otter moms are great to watch too, as their maternal instincts are really strong and they really love their young. Otters are found off the east coast of the North Pacific Ocean. At California's Monterey Bay Aquarium, a tide pool was set up so that wild otters could come in and give birth.

One such pregnant otter mummy did just that, and one day later, here she is with her pup:

Don't you just love them both? They're the perfect remedy to any broken heart.