Daebak! The 5 Most 'Jjang' Games From South Korea

Find out what the Koreans are playing on their mobiles.

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Daebak! The 5 Most 'Jjang' Games From South Korea

South Korea is arguably one of the top producers of mobile games in the world, and has been producing titles which are popular with consumers all over the world. Within South Korea, the most popular game genre appears to be MMORPGs, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games where players take on avatars and work individually or in teams to go on adventures and quests.

Apart from MMORPGs and RPGs, Koreans also produce plenty of fun puzzle and strategy games. Here are some of the top games from South Korea:

1) Anipang

Made by South Korean company SundayToz, this game has actually been downloaded 20 million times, and is a colourful match-3 game that's so addictive yet simple.


2) EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens

Ravens is one of South Korea's most played RPG, and is a fantasy based story with multiple races and characters, and engaging plot lines.


3) Marvel: Future Fight

This is another game by Netmarble, the company behind Ravens, but this time the characters are all from the Marvel universe and the gameplay has been called a 'dungeon crawler' RPG.


4) Fantasy War Tactics

This 3D RPG is published by NEXON and features up to 51 playable heroes and more than a hundred quests.


5) Summoners War

Summoners War is South Korea's all time best performing game with the highest ever download count. Players battle it out in sky arenas, and can summon monsters or form trios to face the enemy.


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