DC Legends Introduces Two New Characters

The game welcomes Livewire and Cyborg Superman in August 2017.

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DC Legends Introduces Two New Characters

DC Legends is a widely enjoyed strategy RPG game where you can assemble your own team of DC heroes or villains and go on campaigns across locations that exists in the DC universe, including Metropolis, Thermyscira, Thanagar and others.

DC Legends features many of the best loved DC characters including Wonder Woman, Batman, the Joker, the Flash, Superman and much more. Made by Warner Brothers Games, this mobile game also allows players to collect iconic items that allow them to upgrade combat activities.

To keep the game interesting, new items, features and characters are often introduced. This time, two new characters named Livewire and Cyborg Superman are introduced. Livewire is described as a shock jock who has little fondness for Superman. She's a villain that possesses the power to manipulate electricity and throw bolts of electricity towards her enemies. 

Cyborg Superman on the other hand, is a machine version of the real Superman with an axe to grind. He fights with full mechanical precision and he can shoot angry red 'Heat Vision' out of his eyes. Both Cyborg Superman and Livewire are nemesis of Superman himself.

via Bleeding Cool

The game is also going to introduce upgrades for Superman shortly, including changes to how bad Superman can be stunned, as well as some positive improvements of his abilities. The new characters will be available in DC Legends beginning August 2017.

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