Did You Know That Pikachu Can Actually Talk?

He apparently speaks English.

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Did You Know That Pikachu Can Actually Talk?

So everyone knows that Pokemon are creatures that are caught by trainers and brought up to battle and earn accolades and achievements for their handlers. They don't actually talk, and the only way they communicate is by repeating their own names.

However, towards the end of the latest Pokemon movie, fans were in for a shock. Recordings of fan reactions from early screenings of 'Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!' have revealed that Pikachu actually talks and says a few words in English

Here you can watch the scene where Pikachu speaks in human language from minute 0:25 onwards.

Fans can be heard saying 'What?' and 'Nooo' in reaction to the scene. Here Ash can be heard asking Pikachu "Why won't you get into the Pokeball?" to which Pikachu says 'It's because...I want to be with you". Ash's eyes widen in surprise, and later in the clip Pikachu goes back to saying his own name as a self language.

Yes it's strange and really awkward. After decades of just being able to say Pika Pika all the time, suddenly this revelation comes up. It's no surprise that fans have been having a hard time digesting it. Could all the Pokemon be able to speak in the human tongue? Or is it just Pikachu? Was it just Ash's imagination? We may never know, but one thing's for sure, the bond between Ash and Pikachu seems stronger than ever after this little incident.

Cover image via The Light

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