Different Species of Animals Who are Best of Friends

A brother from a different mother.

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Different Species of Animals Who are Best of Friends

In the wild, you'll hardly ever find animals of different species hanging out together and forming a bond. However, in captivity, it's different. In situations like zoos, homes and shelters, animals that have been abandoned, adopted or rescued often have to live with other species.

These  different species can sometimes involve their own natural enemies, so it can be very surprising how wild animals sometimes form bonds with other animals that may be their food source in the wild. Check out these adorable friends who have found true friendships in other animals:

1. Bubbles the Elephant and Bella the Dog

Bubbles was rescued from poachers and now lives in a safari reserve in the U.S. Her best friend Bella the Black Labrador belongs to a park contractor who was left there by her owner after the two were found to get along famously.

2. Wild deer and duck

This wild deer took on the job of a bodyguard for this duck who made her nest in a US cemetary. It spent the entire season guarding the duck and her ducklings from predators, until they were old enough to move on.

3. Mabel the hen and her puppies

Mabel has been looking after these puppies as if they were her own after she moved into her owner's home due to a foot injury

4. Bea the Giraffe and Wilma the Ostrich

Both these friends live in the Busch Gardens in the US, and share an enclosure

5. Tinni the dog and Sniffer the fox

Tinni and Sniffer both live in Norway, and met when Tinni's owner brought her to the forest

6. Milo the Dog and Bonedigger the Lion

Milo took Bonedigger under his wing when the lion was just a few months old. Now the 5 year old juvenile lion is three times the size of his carer, but they're still as close.



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