Draconius GO is a New Alternative Game to Pokemon GO

Niantic is reportedly not very happy.

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Draconius GO is a New Alternative Game to Pokemon GO

Ukrainian game developer Elyland has released an augmented reality game and it reportedly isn't making Pokemon GO developers very happy. The reason is that Elyland's Draconius GO very closely resembles Niantic's worldwide phenomenon game in more aspects than one.

Draconius GO is a game where players walk around capturing magical creatures that can be trained to fight in battle. 

Niantic has claimed that Elyland has breached copyright laws, while Elyland is adamant that their game is completely original. 

If you look at Draconius GO's trailer, the similarities are definitely there, except that Draconius GO has some added features like being able to battle directly against other players and the ability to acquire artifacts that help with the game.

Despite the similarities between these two games, Draconius GO has received mostly positive reviews online. Rather than being a complete rip-off of Pokemon GO, many have touted this game as a competitor to it and therefore worth your time.

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