Dragon Project AweApps Review: A Mobile Party Adventure

Oh hey, another action game from Colopl. Hunting dragons eh? Monster hunting sure is popular these days.

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Dragon Project AweApps Review: A Mobile Party Adventure

Some may not recognize Colopl, the developers of the game Dragon Project, but I know them as those guys who removed the 2d art in Shironeko Project (Rune story), and also the guys who STILL haven’t released Battle Girl High school in English, even though they made an anime of it.

But I digress, let’s stick to what you came here for, Dragon Project, is it any good?


To start, Dragon Project is an action MMORPG. The controls are fairly basic. You move the character by pressing and dragging anywhere. You attack by tapping anywhere. You can use your weapon special ability by tap and holding down your finger. You dodge by flicking your finger. At the right, there are two/three icons that represent your magic (magi) skills in the game that’s equipped to your weapon. You charge them by hitting mobs and they are used in a tap.


I appreciate that combat in the game, while fast, isn’t hectic. The game is a lot like monster hunter, where both you and the monsters are moving in realistic fashion. You will have a lot of time to examine the boss monster as you attack it to know when to dodge out of the way if you need to. The combat system is good, as it also emulates Monster hunter’s monster part break mechanic (aka: you can cut off tails)

The game is focused around monster battles. There are PVE maps where you can grind on ordinary boss, but the main appeal of the game is in the boss battles. In boss battles, the camera is always locked onto the boss, so you can see what it is doing. If a player falls in combat, they can revive themselves with 3 gems, or they have 20 seconds for a player to enter their “revive circle” in order for them to be revived. The timer for the revive circle does not reset if the player falls again.

The revive mechanic makes party play extremely important. You will need to fight boss monsters, and you will need a party to do so. Thankfully, it is easy to open and join a room and I found that players do join your room in quick sessions. The rewards are not split between party members so it is a good idea to always open your room when you are playing.

There are 5 different weapons in the game, and each has their own playstyle. Here’s a list of what they do.

·         Sword and Shield

o   The weapon that you start with, SnS is a fairly mediocre weapon.

o   Average attack speed

o   Hold down skill is guard, massively reduces incoming damage. Releasing at the right time will deliver a powered up attack.

o   You can hold down a finger and tap with a 2nd finger to deal consecutive first slashes, which actually does more DPS.

o   Biggest reason to use SnS is to fight against boss monsters. You can still guard as you revive a player, and so, only a SnS user is safe to revive a party player when he/she has died right under a boss.

·         Great Sword

o   Slow attack speed but with good reach

o   Hold attack is really slow but powerful

o   Can’t dodge during attacks

o   Slow running speed.

o   Advantage for Great Sword is that it fatigues boss quickly

·         Spear

o   It’s dynasty warriors!

o   Dodge attack deals thrusting strikes, last hit fatigues.

o   Hold attack = Lunge. Has high range but cumbersome.

o   Best weapon due to high constant DPS and ease of use

·         Bow

o   It’s a bow.

o   Spam tapping attacks is insanely weak.

o   Requires patience to use for proper dps.

o   Really odd boss attack system. Shifts to third person shooter mode when held down in boss battles that allows you to hit weak points.

o   Hits multiple monsters in a line.

o   Dodge attacks for 1 vs 1. Normal attacks for mobbing

o   Really difficult to use due to requiring aiming.

o   Aims to deal fatigue.

To my personal preference, I like to use the spear for mobbing and bow for bosses. You can carry three weapons into battle, and changing between them is easy and gives you a few invulnerability frames.

Now let’s talk about the story. Most of the time, you will be interacting with this cute NPC.

The voice acting is good, and she is kind of a ditz. Story mode is narrated in Japanese, and the English translation does a fair job of translating the story. She also has a few emote animations that does not feel stiff or uncanny. Even her idle state has a few animations that helps in making her feel life like.

There is a special animation that plays every day. In the daily reward, she and a dragon would be in the middle of the screen, give you the reward and then run to their NPC positions. It’s a nice touch that I felt was cute and I appreciate it.

In length, this game has a lot of content to offer. The main purpose of killing bosses is to gain their drops. These drops are then used to forge and enhance your weapon and skills. In the cash shop, you can roll the gacha for skills, or roll the gacha for boss monsters. Rolling for boss monsters is important as this is the easiest way to gain the materials for the stronger equipment in the game. The rates for rarity is hidden, but I do not feel that the game is pay to win, as you can compensate with skill. The in game real life currency, gems, are not as expensive compared to other games, which is an advantage.


Strong 8/10

A great action game, open parties, unique combat, PVE world and focus on boss battles. If there’s a down point to this game, it’s that you can’t emulate it, nor can you play it with a gamepad.


A warning to those who would play the game, it consumes a lot of data, so make sure you have wifi. With that done, I give this game a recommendation.

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