Dragon Raja Mobile: Review - Action RPG with a story

Score: 7/10

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Dragon Raja Mobile: Review - Action RPG with a story

Score: 7/10


  • Limited amount of heroes, with Gacha giving hero fragments to promote heroes to higher rarity
  • Story follows the novel "Dragon Raja"
  • Good graphics and well animated attacks and skills
  • Reduced Auto-target mechanic
  • Events for progression and play length


  • Autoplay
  • Skill points are pooled together, requiring time to refill
  • Stamina system
  • A lot of grinding required to upgrade equipment.

Dragon Raja is a fantasy novel written by Lee Yeongdo in Korean. The novel is hugely popular, obtaining a PC MMORPG and recently, a mobile ARPG.

Dragon Raja Mobile is a 3d top down action RPG that feels great to play. Attacks have impact to them, and enemy attacks can give hit stun. All characters have 3 skills, and a dodge and block button to vary gameplay up. Bosses gain a cinematic introduction when they appear, zooming in close so that players can view the detail on them. The autoplay AI actually dodges, in addition to using skills when they are off cooldown.

Outside of gameplay, the monetization comes in the form of gacha boxes. There is a low amount of characters in the game, each with their own attacks, skills and rarity, and players will pull the gacha boxes for higher rarity heroes. Should the player have the same hero he just pulled, it will be converted into shards, which can be collected to increase the hero rarity. Monetization also comes in the form of paying for stamina and paying for skill points which is a shared pool between all characters.

The graphics in the game is good, with the home screen being rendered in 3d. Sound design is acceptable, with shouts and weapon SFX being very fitting to the theme of the game. There appears to be a lot of content and dungeons to play, in addition to event dungeons.

Overall, Dragon Raja Mobile is a great Action RPG for mobile and packs both gameplay and story.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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