Dustforce is a game about speed

Explore the bizarre world of games and you will come across some gems.

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Dustforce is a game about speed

Play the video above while reading this.

In essence, Dustforce is a platformer, but instead of enemies, your goals is to swipe at the dust that is littered on the stage. It has all the tools that a game that is focused around speed needs. Abilities such as double jumping, wall jumping, momentum conservation, sliding down slopes and continuous dashing would have been enough to make this game stand out, but Dustforce added more to truly make the game a speedrunner's dream.

Dustforce adds in dust enemies, special abilities, multiple characters, multiple paths, great level design, snappy SFX that makes every sweep sound like a mighty slash and layers it on a soothing and non-distracting music. 

Even if you are not a speedrunner, players will often get moments of amazement where they dash through stages swiftly with a smile and thinking "did I really achieve that", after doing an amazing feat.

Image via Gfycat

Give the game a try if you haven't, Dustforce offers an incredible experience.

Image via IGN

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