Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed - Review - Dungeon runs with the Warriors twist

Score: 5/10

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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed - Review - Dungeon runs with the Warriors twist

Score: 5/10


  • No Ads
  • Great music, sfx and graphics
  • Familiar characters from the Dynasty Warriors franchise
  • Good translations
  • Content Rich
  • Cutscenes from Dynasty Warriors 8


  • No battlefields, gameplay consists of small stages with a tiny amount of enemies
  • Stamina system
  • Any alive enemy soldiers have a 'surrender' animation upon ending stages.

A Dynasty Warriors game that isn't made by Koei Tecmo can be said to not be a Dynasty Warriors game, and DW: Unleashed is exactly this. It is a dungeon run game where you fight in small stages with only 100 enemies. Attacks are done by just holding down the attack button and using the four skills and the musou attack button. There are no normal attack, heavy attack, or combo system in the game. The game is Dynasy Warriors in theme but not in the gameplay.

Boring gameplay aside, the rest of the game actually handles the Dynasty Warriors brand well. The music is great, the absurdity and silliness of the story is still kept with minimal grammar errors. There are tigers and lions in the enemy units, and each character has their own skills and combos. Occasionally, a cutscene from Dynasty Warriors 8 will play during story segments.

While there are multiple equipment type, each hero can equip any weapon, which trivializes the multiple weapons in the game. The game is rich in content with Story mode and Challenges, but all of these are constrained by the stamina and daily limit systems in the game.

PvP exists in the game, but it has no matchmaking. New players can expect to receive 50k damage while having 1k life in pvp matches. Progression is done via the usual rarity system where you combine heroes of the same rarity to increase the rarity of the first. This combination system extends to weapons and socket-able gems.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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