Ekiben: Train Meals at Their Finest

The art of travel bento boxes.

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Ekiben: Train Meals at Their Finest

Whenever anyone takes a long train journey in Japan, they usually buy a meal to eat on the way. These meals are known as Ekiben, and are usually easy to eat lunchboxes that can be consumed with a pair of chopsticks. Ekiben are sold at every train station in Japan, and can be bought before the trip.

Preparing Ekiben has become an art form, with meals combining the best in tastes and visual presentation. Ekiben designs are works of art in themselves, and are often more mature and intricate than home made bento boxes that are prepared for school or work. Here are some beautiful Ekibens to savour visually:

1. 30 Items Balance Bento

Plenty of lovely vegetables as well as fish and meat.

via Japan Monthly Magazine


2. Scallop Rice Bento

A well balanced meal with a small dessert

via Just Bento


3. Shinkansen E7 Series Bento

An Ekiben shaped like a train and designed for little kids

via Japan Monthly Web Magazine


4. Ekiben in a Wooden Box

So many things going on, you wouldn't know where to start

via Only in Japan


5. Ekiben Sold in a Paris Station

Extremely bright and cheerful, with minimal calories and fat.

via Little Miss Bento


6. Four Sectioned Ekiben with Cakes

via Little Miss Bento


7. A double layer Ekiben

Check out those little drawers

via Pinterest


8. A Tokyo Station Ekiben

Featuring a dozen separate food items

via Kavey Eats


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