Elderly Japanese Man Solves Puzzle After 10 Years

He had some help.

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Elderly Japanese Man Solves Puzzle After 10 Years

Akihira Toshiko is a 73-year-old man living in Osaka, Japan. For the past ten years, he's been going regularly to his doctor nearby and in the doctor's waiting room is a ring puzzle for patients to fill their time while waiting. However, Akihira-san has been attempting to solve this puzzle for the entire 10 years, with no luck.

He became so frustrated, that he actually wrote to a TV show to get their help in solving the ring puzzle. Basically, the ring puzzle just requires you to shift the ring from one ball to another through the ropes. Watch his story here:

As you can see, the show assembles some help for Akihira-san, from the show's resident physics teacher, Yamada-sensei, a popular magician and even a chimpanzee. Finally, it is Yamamoto-san from the Japanese Ring Puzzle Solving Association that provides a solution and an explanation.

The joy on Akihira-san's face is indescribable, and you'll find yourself cheering along when the puzzle is finally solved.





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