Enter the New Japanese Ultra Minimalist Lifestyle Movement

The fewer possessions the better.

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Enter the New Japanese Ultra Minimalist Lifestyle Movement

Japan is known as a country that worships consumerism. They're very up to date with the newest trends and develop products sought after all over the world. However, a silent movement is slowly springing up among the Japanese. It doesn't yet have a name, but it takes minimalist living to a whole new level.

Take Fumio Sasaki for example. He lives with only around 200 belongings to his name, which includes just three shirts, four pairs of pants, four pair of socks and only the most basic furniture. He lives in a one bedroom apartment where space is abundant. Sasaki has also authored a book to help others live an ultra minimalist lifestyle, called "We Don't Need Things Anymore"

You can listen to his experience with minimalism here:

Many adherents of this ultra-minimalist philosophy cite many benefits for their choices, including an easier time doing housework and a lower cost of living. They also say that they have more time to pursue hobbies and interests, with all the excess time they have not needing to clean and organize.

What do you think? Could you live a life with less than 200 items in your home?

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