Era of Arcania is a New Mobile MMORPG

It's now in closed Beta testing phase.

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Era of Arcania is a New Mobile MMORPG

37Games is releasing a much anticipated MMORPG title called Era of Arcania and it's going to be filled with unique, beautifully designed characters, sumptuous graphics, intense real time gameplay and much more.

Right now, Era of Arcania is undergoing a closed Beta testing phase, which means that the official release isn't that far off.

Apparently players will be able to customize much more than just the race of their character, and can even personalize the attire and homes of your avatar. Choose from thousands of available avatars, and place them in homes that you can decorate with various furniture.

Closed Beta testers are requested to report any bugs to the official 37Games Facebook page and the developers have announced that they will have an open Beta testing phase soon, so keep a look out for the chance to try this game out for yourself.

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