Eumyangsa for Kakao Is Being Released by Korean Gaming Company Soon

One of the most anticipated games from Kakao in 2017.

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Eumyangsa for Kakao Is Being Released by Korean Gaming Company Soon

Kakao is one of South Korea's most well known mobile game developers and telecommunications providers and they're releasing one of their most anticipated titles this August. The game, called Eumyangsa for Kakao is going to be an action RPG featuring a main character that practices ancient mystical arts.

Kakao is planning many events to promote this new mobile offering, and the promotional campaign has kicked off with the launch of the official website for the game, where players can visit for updates. Apart from that, the site will open for a closed door, invitation only premium test phase starting on June 27th.

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Apart from that, the game will also have a webtoon series created by famous webtoon cartoonist Hun, who was previously responsible for the online webtoon 'Secretly and Greatly'. Fans will be treated to voice talents of more than 40 of the best voice over actors in South Korea who will be participating in the game too.

Eumyangsa has been a long time coming, taking up to 2 years to make and involving more than 100 developers and 20 writers who worked hard together to create an immersive gameplay experience.

As an extra treat, Kakao is working with singer IU, who will model some of the costumes featured in this game, and there's apparently a hit song in the works too.

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