ExoGears2: Quick Review - Great Mecha Battles

A slow paced mecha battler.

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ExoGears2: Quick Review - Great Mecha Battles

Score: 8.5/10


  • Lock on mechanic
  • Multiple parts and weapons with individual moves
  • Multiple 'exosuits' to purchase and utilize
  • 2 Vs 2


  • Require grinding to obtain resources
  • Gacha box for weapons and equipment
  • Pay 2 Win
  • Getting a noob teammate in 2 vs 2

If you have never played a Mecha game, you might be confused at the slow pacing of the game, but this is in essence what the game is about. It prioritizes mind games. Questions run through players mind as they play. Do you dash in for a melee? Do you wait until he attacks first? Do I have enough stamina to perform all those actions? With all these thoughts in mind, is it a question why ExoGears has gotten a high score? Exo Gears 2 is a mecha fighting pvp game that does it right.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Free



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