Facebook Topshot's Top-of-the-Line Virtual Assistant for the Zuckerberg Household

Who wouldn't want one?


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Facebook Topshot's Top-of-the-Line Virtual Assistant for the Zuckerberg Household


From preparing Zuckerberg's breakfast to opening the door for recognised guests, Jarvis AI is a dream come true. With a sense of humour to complement its usefulness, this Iron Man inspired virtual assistant is expected to liven the Zuckerberg household. Jarvis is able to operate common household appliances and even entertain Max, who is probably the first kid to have such a fancy imaginary friend, albeit still invisible. Not content with having his clothes shot out from a cannon and a robotic teacher/entertainer/caretaker for Max, Zuckerberg has plans to continue teaching Jarvis new skills* - the possibilities are endless. Zuckerberg is also trying to program Jarvis to learn new skills by itself. Now that's a whole new level.




Think Jarvis is cool? Wait till you hear what goes on in Jarvis' head:


I guess we will have another Marvel movie soon. Or maybe household lifehack videos taught by Jarvis the AI. 



*Here are some aspirations for Jarvis from us mortals at AweApps:

  • play board games with the family or just Max. It is slightly tedious to play board games alone if Mark and Priscilla are out.
  • a cannon to throw balls so Beast can play fetch
  • a virtual chef - "Jarvis, I would like steamed carrots - remember, sliced not diced - and a bowl of cereal for dinner. Oh plus chocolate and marshmallow coated popcorn for dessert"
  • a shower assistant
  • a drone camera that takes candid photos of the family
  • someone you can cuddle with - whoops maybe we will have to look elsewhere


Cover image: "Mark Zuckerberg" by Alessio Jacona via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0