Fallout Shelter is One of the Most Addictive Free Strategy Game You'll Ever Play

Being the overseer is so much fun.

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Fallout Shelter is One of the Most Addictive Free Strategy Game You'll Ever Play

Bethesda's Fallout series is an adventure role playing game that fans wait for with bated breath every time a new one is announced. In it, you'll be playing a traveler in a post apocalyptic world where bottle caps are currencies and giant roaches are a norm.

In between the main series of games, Bethesda has developed a resource management and strategy game called Fallout Shelter, where you play an overseer of an underground bunker. Very soon after you start the game, bunker residents start showing up at your door.

The main objective of the game is to keep all the residents happy by fulfilling their needs. This means keeping the three main supplies in adequate amount, namely energy, food and water. You'll be trained on how to build different rooms to keep these supplies stocked, as well as other rooms where you can store things, build up your residents' skills and more. The more you advance, the more rooms will be unlocked.

Whenever new residents show up at your door, you get to assign them to work in rooms according to their skills, and occasionally send them out to explore the wasteland for weapons, special clothing and bottle caps. Once you build an overseer's office, your residents can also be sent out on quests that will bring you rewards.

The gameplay quality can be summarized in one word: Awesome!

It's addictive, and very easy to learn. The only issue may be that you'll have to wait in real life hours for some things to happen, like residents to return from raids or children to grow up ( it's really fun how you end up with children in the game). Waiting time ranges from 2 hours to 8 hours for major events, and several minutes for individual rooms to produce supplies.

Occasionally, your bunker gets attacked by raiders, and your residents will have to defend themselves with fists or weapons. There's always something new to discover about the game, so that keeps the excitement going.

You'll need a lot of space on your mobile as it is a rather large game. The good thing is that you won't need to purchase anything in order to meet objectives, but you can always buy a lunchbox of goodies which will include bottle caps, new clothing, weapons and even residents with special skills.

Fallout Shelter is available for free at both Google Play and the App Store. 


Cover image via Fallout Wiki

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