Family Secrets Come to Light with 'Cosmic Top Secret'

Follow Trine Laier in this autobiographical indie game.

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Family Secrets Come to Light with 'Cosmic Top Secret'

Danish filmmaker Trine Laier was a student in the National Film School of Denmark when she uncovered information that her Dad might have been a spy for the Danish Security and Intelligence service. Her journey in uncovering the truth was soon made into her final year project, and now she's making it into a mobile game.

'Cosmic Top Secret' is scheduled to be released for Apple and Android devices in 2018. The game is being produced in collaboration with Klassefilm and Those Eyes. 

The main character is a fictionalized version of Laier herself, stylized only as 'T'. Apart from crushing into a paper ball every time she moves, T is also very 2 dimensional, is made of cardboard cutout and sports googly eyes.

via Venturebeat

The style on the entire game is very original, and plays almost like a family documentary, with lots of Laier's family pictures woven in, just like a scrapbook. In it, players will be able to delve into 'T's personal journey as she interacts with various family members, which is sometimes filled with fun anecdotes.

This is definitely one to watch for an indie game that's edgy yet deep and explorative. Even if that doesn't appeal to you, you'll want to check this game out just to uncover what Laier's father was up to during the cold war.

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