Fate Grand/Order: AweApps Review

Mixing up all the Fate series timeline into one game, is Fate Grand/Order a game worthy of the Fate series? 

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Fate Grand/Order: AweApps Review

Well, that depends. How big of a fan of Fate series are you? Welcome to a review of Fate Grand/Order.


Fate Grand/Order is an RPG turn based battle game where you play as a young summoner, sent back into time to correct a distorted timeline. After an error happens at the lab, you are sent to the Fuyuki fire and with your first servant Shielder, have to investigate the anomaly and stop it.

Newcomers to the Fate series may be lost to the series. There are a lot of in universe terms, and though they are explained, it is only done through text, and the anime or manga series explain the concepts better. Storyline wise, there are a lot of references to the main Fate series, and there are spoilers to Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel in the starting story. If you wish to embrace the Fate series, I do not recommend starting with this game. If you just wish for a good Gacha RPG game, then I would recommend it.

Before you read on, you will need to know if you are someone whom enjoys reading. Fate Grand/Order features a lot of text, and the story is a very key selling point to the game. The English translation in the game is solid, (and not the usual google translate you might see in other games). Sadly however, there is only voice acting for battle and emotions, and not story text.

For newbies

Fate Grand/Order combat’s system is easy to understand, but hard to plan for. You bring three servants into battle and to attack enemies you play “command cards”. Each turn you are dealt 5 “command cards”. You play 3 command cards, which determines which servant attacks the enemy and matching all 3 servant cards in character or colour will give an additional attack or effect into the battle.

The cards that are dealt to the player is random, but is determined by the servants that you bring. Each servant has 5 cards that you may preview, and if you keep track of what cards has been drawn, you will eventually draw all 15 cards that your servants has, before the deck resets. You may think to make a team full of a single class, but doing so is actually not a good idea as the weapon triangle actually matters in the game, with effective and ineffective attacks actually dealing 10% more or less damage, which matters in the game.

Art wise, the game feels polished. Each servant has at least 4 portraits, and they have 3 different attack animations, 1 extra attack animation and 1 noble phantasm animation. Noble phantasm animations get some special attention, with the screen going dark and the servant doing their unique attacks.

However, all animations feel just a little wooden. It’s not heavily noticeable, but if you play the game on a big screen, you may be turned off by the animations which could have been much flashier then it currently is. Also, the background menu and battle music is just average, and nothing special to note. Not the worse, but not something I would listen to in my spare time.

A peculiar thing to note is that your servants do NOT gain exp in battle. Instead, they gain bond points, which are used to unlock Interlude quests and gain rewards. Exp is gained instead by sacrificing other servants or EXP cards. To gain EXP cards, player has to play the daily dungeons for them.

Which brings me up to a negative point to the game. The stamina system. End game daily dungeons has a 40 stamina cost. To give a comparison, a Master (read: player) level of 100 will only have 125 stamina. With each stamina requiring 5 minutes to refill, it will take 11 hours to refill your stamina at level 100. While stamina does refill upon a level up, it will still take a bit of time and grinding to properly level up your servants.

System requirements

While it is possible to play this game on PC, it is a hassle to set up. Also, if your phone is rooted, you will not be able to play the game. Otherwise, the game runs fine on native unrooted firmware.


Aside from the battle system seen above, there are a lot of mechanics in the game concerning your servants and how you may manage them.

  • Master Equipment
    • The player/master’s outfit carries 3 unique master spells that can be used in combat. These range from buffs to healing. Leveling the equipment requires grinding in battle.
  • Servant Level
    • Classic servant level that can only be increased via exp cards/other servants instead of battle. Controls servant stat numbers.
  • Servant Skills
    • Each servant has up to 3 skills that has their own skill levels that can be upgraded with skill upgrade items.
  • Servant Ascension
    • To increase your servant’s stats more. Doing so increases the max level, unlocks a skill and give a new portrait and sprite to the servant.
  • Servant Noble Phantasm
    • The ultimate attacks for each servant, has its own system to be upgraded. To upgrade this, you will require a 2nd copy of your servant to be sacrificed

You will not find yourself out of things to do here, as there are a lot of items to grind for if you want a good team.

Shop/Cash system


1% max rarity rate. 3% for the follow up rarity rate. Not assured max rarity even after doing 10 pulls. I’ll be honest, these rates are bad. The game aims to sell at hardcore Fate fans, and they sure do.

I’ve taken 2 hours of my time to do a reroll marathon. After 80 pulls, I did not get a single 5 star servant. Eventually, I’ve settled for 2, 4 star servants to use in my party. They are at level 4 and I found myself having some trouble in the 2nd hour of the game. The 3rd servant you bring is a friend servant, and it helps greatly to bring a lv 40/50/60 servant into battle, but I do not believe that you can reach end game with just this. If you wish to go free, I highly advice to reroll until you get a 5 star hero, even if it takes 5 hours.

In game, it isn’t very generous concerning the cash currency. While there are events, you will not be able to roll the Gacha often. Good news however, is that the developer has noticed this complaint and are promising more events in the future. Still, that 1% is painful.



8/10 if you’ve spent 40 hours reading Fate Stay/Night like I did.

The combat system is enjoyable for me, but it may be not for everyone. The art, story and Fate references are the key selling points, but if you take those away, a player might find themselves getting tired of the grind. Your mileage may vary, but like it or hate it, Fate Grand Order is still immensely popular and here to stay. (That 1 % though...)

5/5 A true fan - Image via Playstore


Cover image via Siliconera

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