Feeling Down? This Inspirational Video May Just Be The Thing You Need


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Feeling Down? This Inspirational Video May Just Be The Thing You Need

Whether if it's our careers, lifestyle, appearances or the size of our bank accounts, it's easy to make comparisons to others and downgrade ourselves when in reality, we don't realise how insanely fortunate and blessed our lives truly are.

Take Jack Chen for instance, like everyone else, he isn't a special snowflake. He has a job, takes the subway to work and live a life just like an ordinary human being in an urbanised neighbourhood.

So what makes him different?

Well apart from being blind, he's also a lawyer who works for Google. As a child, his eye sights were restricted and he eventually lost his eyesight permanently at the age of 16. But did that deter him? Hell no. What does he do? 

He goes to Harvard and Berkeley and graduated with Degrees of Computer Science at both academic institutions. As a lawyer, he has to go through a ton of documents so he uses a special technology that enables him to listen to 620 words a minute! Something that's quite impossible for your average Joe. He's even competed in triathlons and has also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

So the next time when you think that your life sucks, think about how much possibilities you could do. The sky is your limit.


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