Fighting Franchise 'Skullgirls' Now Released on Mobile

With more streamlined controls.

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Fighting Franchise 'Skullgirls' Now Released on Mobile

Almost a year ago, Hidden Variables studios announced that they'll be bringing Skullgirls to mobile, and now it's available as a free to play game on both Android and iOS. Rather than relying on a high amount of controls like on previous platforms, this mobile version employs touch screen based gesture controls which takes away a lot of confusion, especially for newer gamers.

You'll be able to unlock special moves and characters via a gacha system and be able to make use of individual energy systems rather a pool of the characters' energy.

Players will be able to populate their fighting registry and strategize which characters to put forward first. This game is fast becoming a fan favourite, and female fans will definitely appreciate the fact that all the characters are portrayed as  strong women.

Cover image via Skullgirls Mobile Twitter

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