Final Fantasy Awakening: Quick Review - 3D Action RPG

Taking the world from Final Fantasy Zero, is FF Awakening for mobile any good?

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Final Fantasy Awakening: Quick Review - 3D Action RPG

Score: 7.5/10


  • Cinematics and story mode
  • Very generous with gems and in game currency
  • Grind is reduced via blitz/auto stage grind mechanic
  • Login freebies & freebies every 30 minutes in game.
  • Good character models
  • Co-op boss battle mode


  • Bad magitech models
  • Minor visual glitches
  • Game is designed to temp players into buying gems
    • Players can get free gems, but VIP players get more attempts at getting free gems
  • To use Bahamut as your Eidolon summon, you must buy RM14678.26 worth of gems
  • Pay to win

Final Fantasy Awakening has just released today for South East Asia. Fans of the series might not be familiar with FF: Zero, but the cinematic storyline does well to fill players in to what is happening. Combat is enjoyable, with attacks automatically moving your character before launching the attacks, and without MP, players can freely use their two skills as much as they can.

On the other hand, outside of combat, FF Awakening is a management game. Everything from your party members, skills, gears and equipment can be upgraded. Ranking up your party requires resources that you can obtain by grinding in dungeons. Thankfully, the grind doesn't take long with the skip system. However, there is a limit to this system as you can only do each dungeon 10/5 times a day. This is in combination with the stamina system and you will soon find yourself not being able to do any grinding. PvP starts of automated, with an option to make it manual later on in the game. PvP can also be grinded as there's an option to match you against other weaker players just for the PvP win rewards.

And then, there are some questionable design decisions such as this.

It's a shame, because the gameplay is actually good. There are actual impact to the explosions and hits, and Eidolon summons and skills are a sight to behold. It is possible, however, that later stages might be hard enough to gate free players. A last thing to note is that the cinematics in game have good camera work, but none of the character have any voice acting, and their lips don't move. The story is full of cliches and can be skipped without worry.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Free

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