Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Review

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Review

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is produced by studio Alim and published by Square Enix. It is one of Square Enix's offshoot mobile game projects, and a successor (though not a sequel) to Final fantasy Brave Frontier.

Brave Exvius came out in 2016, and it was released as a free to play social RPG .I'm not quite sure what that means, since this is a solo player game and you never interact with anyone else. The game is an offshoot of the Final Fantasy universe, so you'll definitely see Chocobos running around. 

Final Fantasy games always look so beautiful on console, with such rich details and graphics and a large space for free exploration. But here on a mobile version, the graphics look dated and old, despite the game coming out in 2016.

The story of Brave Exvius follows two knights from the fictional kingdom of Grandshelt, Rain and Lasswell as they go on a mission for their country. Midway they encounter a mysterious apparition of a woman in a crystal that asks for their help and detour their flying ship to her temple accordingly.

The game is literally a drag, with lots of unnecessary dialogue that goes on and on, prolonging scenes rather than moving things along. Battles are turn based, as you choose the character and moves they execute on the enemy. The maximum number of characters you can control at once is eight and each character can win you medals and crystals that can be used to upgrade weapons and moves.

The story is old and dusty, heroes rescuing the poor maiden, who is crying for help. After their latest console games featuring strong women characters, you'd wonder why they would switch back to the old mechanics of story telling that's more boring than revolutionary. More often than not, you'll find yourself just tapping mindlessly through the game without really needing to think.

The battle sequences appear like they need some form of strategy, but really most of it is just brute force with simple concepts like the more powerful your weapon, the higher your hit point.

In short, just play FF Brave Frontier, the mobile RPG that everyone loved as this one seems like another one of those Square Enix games that's only for very hardcore fans. Well, at least it's free.

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