Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Survives Hacking Attempt

Gumi assures players that their data is safe.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Survives Hacking Attempt

Final Fantasy's mobile RPG game Brave Exvius underwent a disruption on September 21st and was out of service for the entire day, prompting fears and concerns from fans and players alike. In an announcement on the official FFBE Facebook page, developers calmed these concerns down.

In the short announcement, they mentioned that the game has been infiltrated by unauthorized forces. However, assurance was given that the integrity of the player's data was not compromised, meaning that no personal data had been stolen.

via Primagames

The hackers left messages on the developer Gumi's site demanding ransoms be paid in bitcoins, and they also distributed 5000 Lapis and USD 40-50 worth of gifts to all players during the hack.

The game has since been put back online and Gumi has said that they would not reset the extra goodies players received during the hacking, meaning that players get to keep the 5000 Lapis they received (yay!)

Gumi has also apologized to fans for taking it offline for a day by offering some free items in-game, and promised to extend any ongoing events for an extra day. These freebies include Summon Tickets, Lapis, NRG Restores, Advance Tokens and extra Coins.

If you were affected by the temporary disruption, do go back into the game and claim these bonus freebies while they last. 


 Cover image via Final Fantasy Brave Exvius FB

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